A mouthwatering experience at Le Pas Sage in the heart of Montorgueil

Some of the Parisian restaurants might be a little overrated when you look at the quality offered versus the high price you pay for it. Le Pas Sage is definitely on another level. I had already found the intimate atmosphere intriguing when passing by and was looking forward to my first dinner there. What an unforgettable experience !

restaurant passage du grand cerf

The staff was quite welcoming. As for the meals, we went from one surprise to another from the starter till the end.


The presentation is always well looked after. I started with an intriguing savoury strawberry-almond gaspacho, which was very refreshing. I especially liked the main meal with the cod and its airy lemon mousse although my favourite had to be the dessert.

When I ordered the fruit soup, I was thinking of a simple sweet soup but that dessert was truly from another planet : with a delicious combination of rhubarb, celery and a large selection of fruits. But at first sight, it is hard to dip your spoon into it when looking at such a work of art. I will definitely come back !

dessert pas sage paris

The address : 

Le Pas Sage, 1 passage du Grand Cerf, 75002 Paris

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