Surrounded by nature and an archipelago of islands, Stockholm is very picturesque. Summer is a great time to visit as you will get the most of the local boat rides and you will enjoy some very long summer days.


It is also a trendy city which will be a delight for all the design-savvy visitors and for those who enjoy a nice cocktail.

Here are 5 things to do in Stockholm :

    • Visit the old town, Gamla Stan and enjoy the neverending days : the Old town is full of lovely design and furniture shops as well as inviting cafés.


    • Have a nice gravlax or even maybe a fancy dinner at Matthias Dahlgren : you need to at least try the local cuisine and their specialties. But if you do have the budget and book it in advance, Dahlgren is a must try. They even offer a more reasonable bistrot option.

gravadlax sweden

    • Take a boat and head to the archipelago for a day or more : on weekends and during holidays, the locals like to take their boat or a public boat and stay on one of the islands of the archipelago at their country house for a few days. These are very relaxing places full of cute traditional wooden houses.

archipelago stockholm

      • Have fun at the interactive Abba Museum : this new museum is worth a visit. You will not only learn everything about the band but you will also get to sing on a virtual stage or in a recording studio and try some of the band’s outfits. Lots of fun !

abba museum


    • Travel back in time in the Skansen park : this is where they recreated life in the past centuries. They also have a zoo where you will see all the Scandinavian animals, such as bears and deers skansen



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