A delicious Brazilian feijoada in Paris

I haven’t been to Brazil yet but I have always wanted to try Brazilian food. My only experience was about drinking caipirinhas and that’s about it. I was delighted to find out that there was a Brazilian restaurant close to my work, which was recommended by my Brazilian colleague, so we decided to go there with friends for lunch. There is a large selection on the menu with the traditional feijoada and various combos including rice, manioc, red beans, bananas etc

brazilian restaurant paris

The dessert was also a nice surprise with the tapioca pudding. I had never tried tapioca and have to say this reminded me of those delicious semolina cakes we are used to having here. The decor is quite unique, with a jungle-like feel to it and the staff was friendly too so we will definitely come back.

The address :
Gabriela, 3 rue Milton, 75009 Paris



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