Have you ever been disappointed by a hotel room you had booked online ?

Well, I have recently found out about a new hotel room concept, which might be interesting to avoid any disappointment for your next stay in Paris.

le pavillon des lettres paris

MyRoomIn is the first virtual « boutique hotel » which has been set up to meet customers expectations when looking for a unique experience.

The website looks at over 150 criteria with the help of hotel management staff to offer over 300 exceptional hotel rooms available for booking, that is to say about 4 specific rooms per hotel.
Therefore you will be a 100% sure that the hotel room you booked will be the one you will have, once you get to your hotel.

wo wilson opera hotel paris

Whether you are in Paris for business or leisure, this choice can definitely make your stay much more enjoyable, starting from €90 a night. Whether you are looking for an elegant or trendy room, MyRoomIn considers each visitor as unique and tries its best to offer you an experience that meets your expectations.

villa saxe hotel myroomin

To look for your perfect hotel room, find out more on their website : myroomin.com

marignan hotel suite paris

The addresses shown on this article :

Pavillon des lettres – 12 Rue des Saussaies, 75008 Paris
Diderot room from 207€/night

Hôtel Villa de Saxe – 9 Villa de Saxe, 75007 Paris
Ultra Smart room from 285€/night

Hôtel WO Wilson Opéra – 10 Rue de Stockholm, 75008 Paris
Wow room from 208€/night

Hôtel Marignan – 12 Rue de Marignan, 75008 Paris
Tour Eiffel suite from 810€/night

Photo credits : ©myroomin

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